Meet Me

Hello my name is Gina and I love food! Most of my best memories, fun times and most special days all involve food! Don’t get me wrong there are days that food just didn’t matter like the birth of my daughter, and my wedding day (although we had a pretty nice spread!) but I can tell you how much my Aunt Judy’s Christmas Jamaican Black Cake with dimes in it and the magical rum sauce has stuck in my head for over forty years! Let me start at the beginning. My roots, I was born in Jamaica to an Italian/ English father and a Jamaican Chinese mother. My life has been filled with many cultural food experiences that make me a lover of food and flavors. Fast forward to today living in Florida, I am wife of 21 years to a husband that has grown to love to cook as well and the mother of a 19 year old vegetarian who shares my love of food and travel.  I am always experimenting with new Vegetarian dishes, and trying to perfect old family recipes.  Food brings people together and just makes everything alright, that’s why I wanted to start this blog to bring you my recipes (so I don’t have to e-mail them any more :-)! Beware…… I am not a great exact measurement type of person so use your discretion). I want to share my travels, food perspective, restaurant finds, memories of cooking growing up, and demystifying foods from many cultures mostly my Jamaican, Chinese, English & Italian roots! One Love….