Weeknight Basil Walnut Pesto Pasta – Easy and Delicious

In our house I make the Vegetarian dishes for our daughter. It is always a challenge to think of new things that she will like and are healthy and tasty….. My daughter found this recipe and I’ve kind of tweaked it to our liking. The Walnuts,spinach and “veggie chicken” patty provides protein for the dish….

Vegan Corned Beef and Cabbage aka “Bully Beef and Cabbage”

In Jamaica Bully Beef or tin corned beef and Cabbage is a quick and inexpensive meal option. Bully Beef can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. In a sandwich or with fried Johnny cakes. I recently discovered a way to make it as a vegan option and it really tastes good! And its quick….

Foreign Rice and Peas

Ok so living in America, working full time and always on the go, Aint nobody got time to make traditional Rice and Peas like it is done in Jamaica! I mean in jamaica they actually grate the coconut and turn it into the milk for the rice. The original, traditional way is always the best…

Jerk Alfredo Pasta – Quick, Creamy and Spicy!

Jamaica is known for many culinary flavors and dishes. One of the most famous is the method of cooking meat “Jerk Style”. It is slow cooking the meat usually over Pimento/Allspice wood after being seasoned with a fragrant rub. This dish today happens to be Vegetarian no meat but you can add chicken to it…