Banana Bread…..Yes Please

Most Caribbean homes both in the islands and around the globe will contain a homemade banana bread from time to time. This delicious reminder of home serves two purposes. One, to eat a yummy treat of course and two to use up the old turned bananas, avoiding throwing them out. In a Caribbean home waste is never looked upon kindly! My go to banana bread recipe comes by way of Enid Donaldson’s book The Real Taste of Jamaica.

For those of you who don’t know who Enid Donaldson was, she was a cookbook author, newspaper columnist and a culinary pioneer from Jamaica. Her book really is timeless and we refer to it often. Sadly while writing this I realized that she passed away in 2013 but her legacy will live on through her books. So I call up Ashley our daughter who is the baker in our house and say “Beg you a Banana Bread nuh”. (Patois, Jamaican dialect for please make me a Banana Bread) And so using this recipe:

She produces my request and I come home to this glorious loaf:

Quick Tip: once the Bread finishes baking while still hot brush a mixture of melted butter and honey over the top to make a sticky shiny glaze! Yummm

So my aunt who shares my culinary passion who is a chocolate artisan, tells me she has an even better Banana Bread recipe. So now I say I will leave it to you the readers to determine and leave comments below. Her recipe is as follows:

Credit to Joanne Chang. (on

I will try this recipe too once my current loaves are finished and we wait for three more bananas to go brown. Happy eating!