A lovely lunch under a Mulberry tree in Nydri Greece

Unexpected great food is always nice to experience when traveling. It also makes special memories by sharing it with family. We got off the Ship In Nydri Greece, a quiet seaside town that is one in the group of seven islands in the Ionian sea in western Greece. We spent the day wondering in the town and seeing the sights. We stopped for a drink and wifi at a small bar to escape the blazing sun. As we continued on we were admiring all the small gardens and flowers blooming everywhere. Now we were in search if a lunch spot with shade and a view of the water. We just happened to walk into one of the most beautiful lunch spots on the Island!

The pictures don’t even do this place justice! So we sat under a huge Mulberry tree and had a wonderful lunch! Ok so as Jamaicans we are kinda beach snobs and the sand was more like rocks but still pretty.

Tzatziki Dip made with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon and fresh herbs.

Eggplant spread

Fava Bean Hummus

Stuffed Eggplant rolls

Smoked Salmon Salad

Cheese Platter

Fried local Sardines with herbs and Lemon

Local white wine recommended by owner. Crisp light and refreshing.