Saltfish Fritters “Stamp and Go?”

I am not really sure why saltfish fritters are called stamp and go. I have seen that it was one of the first fast foods in Jamaica that hungry travelers would stomp their feet at roadside vendors waiting for these fish fritters to be fried. My generation did not call them stamp and go we just called them saltfish fritters. I never really remembered ever handling saltfish in Jamaica because mostly the helpers would buy it, clean it, pick out the bones and boil it …..oh and also cook it. Ahhhh the good old days! Moving to America not the same scenario, luckily in America the codfish comes boneless in a neat little package that just has to be rinsed and boiled. We try to only buy wild caught codfish not really into the farm raised stuff. My sister-in-law makes some of the best saltfish fritters I have ever tasted, and she would do them so quickly. I have many fond memories of us standing around her stove watching her fry the fritters and us devouring them right as they come out of the pan. In Jamaica saltfish(cured Cod) is used in many recipes like ackee and saltfish which is our national dish, ackee quiche, and or ackee seasoned rice. When I make fritters I usually use Enid Donaldson’ recipe as a guide.

Instead of soaking the saltfish overnight which I guess you can do, I boil it three times. I also cook up the saltfish with the seasoning. Once all of the fritters are fried I make a simple sour cream chive and roasted garlic sauce with a squeeze of lime juice. It cuts the heaviness of the fritter.