Vegan Pre-Mothers Day Lunch – Really Good Choice!

Ashley and I love exploring new foods and restaurants. When I started this Blog I hoped to not only share my recipes, but also highlight our culinary discoveries. After an appointment today we were looking for a place to grab a quick and healthy lunch. Ashley has found many good places to eat through Yelp! I highly suggest using it. She found this cute little place that I had no idea about and it is very close to where I work!


The Restaurant is not much to look at on the outside it’s in a small strip mall and you’d probably drive right by it. We went inside and you have to walk through a little organic product market to get to the order counter. We ordered and paid and went to sit down. The restaurant is decorated quite nicely sort of a shabby chic country vibe, and Billy Holiday playing in the background.

Ashley ordered to start:

The avocado fries which were basically slices of avocado rolled in coconut and deep-fried it was also served with a garlic aïoli which actually tasted very good. It was both crunchy and creamy and the garlic aïoli made it even more delicious.

We also ordered:

A Teriyaki Tempeh Bowl – A hearty bowl featuring house marinated Tempeh, roasted sweet potatoes, fresh baby greens and your choice of brown rice or quinoa. Served with a light and tangy house teriyaki and flash fried garlic slices. It was a really good hearty salad Ashley enjoyed it a-lot. I’ve never really liked Tempeh but the way they cooked this one it tasted really good maybe I never cooked it correctly. For those of you who don’t know, Tempeh is a meat substitute made from fermented soy beans.


I had the sesame tofu bowl which is a healthy serving of marinated grilled tofu with steamed broccoli, shredded red cabbage and carrots, over quinoa served with a creamy sesame lime dressing and roasted chickpeas. It was really yummy and satisfying.

Our discovery of this little place was a nice surprise for a pre-Mother’s Day lunch with me and Ashley. I really enjoyed our time together and cherish these special moments and also ate some good food! Check it out if you are in Broward County, Florida.



3433 Griffin Rd

Dania Beach, FL 33328


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