Salmon Dip – Timeless party favorite!

So with the royal wedding this weekend and all of the things that we get caught up with doing on the weekends, I really didn’t get to cook a meal to make a post, so I decided to post my famous salmon dip recipe which could be used for a tea party, baby shower, or any celebration that you need to make a quick tasty dip. This dip has been served at many of my family occasions and I am always being asked for the recipe. I don’t have pictures I’m sorry but I do have measurements which is a good thing!

Gina’s Salmon Dip

1 tub garden veg cream cheese

1 tub chive onion cream cheese

Sundried tomatoes

1 clove garlic

1 tin red salmon

Ketchup to taste

2 tsp Parsley

1tsp Mrs Dash

Empty the two tubs of cream cheese and tin of salmon into a bowl. Chop or press garlic clove into the bowl, Add sundried tomatoes, Parsley, and the Mrs. Dash. Mix with a hand blender. Add ketchup to taste. Serve with wheat thins. You may also add finely chopped red onions or chives to the mixture if you want that flavor. This is a real crowd pleaser and works every time. You can also serve with crudités celery carrots cucumbers in a platter. If serving a larger crowd you may add an additional tub of cream cheese salmon flavor works for me too. Enjoy!